Hey, I’m Brittany. I love to write and I hope that someday soon you’ll recognize my name in print. For now,  I’m sticking to the spare notebooks stored under my bed and this blog. It has been my dream since I was three years old to attend the University of Florida and build a better life for myself. I’m proud to say that I’m on my way towards making my dream come true. I currently serve as the Junior Correspondent for my local newspaper, which basically means that I write an article each week about events and activities going on at my high school. This is no small feat. When I finally do get to Florida, I’ll have had four years of full blown journalism under my belt. And this year I start writing for my high school newspaper as well. You do the math. (Because that’s not really my area of expertise! 🙂 )

But please make no mistake: none of this was my doing. God did this. That’s another thing you should know about me: I am a child of God before anything else. I am simply following the plan he has laid out for me. I can’t complain. God has been good to me in innumerable ways. I know that one day I will reap my reward in Heaven. Until then, I am just trying to make the world a better place for all those still living in it and those still to come.

My best words of advice? Keep your chin up, your back straight, a smile on your face and faith in the man who put you here. Have a nice day!


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