“Advice on the Art of Writing Short Stories” — Roberto Bolaño


22 Things I Almost Missed Out On Because They Were “Too Mainstream”

Sounds like some things I need to check out. . .

Thought Catalog

Okay world, it’s time to come clean: I am one of those people. You know the kind. The obnoxious, reprehensible, “I knew ____ before it was cool” kind. I wish I could explain my behavior. I wish I could tell you that it comes from a place of heartbreak, that I was left out of too many games of red rover as a child and thus have a deep-seated fear of fitting-in and a desperate desire to standout. I wish I could grovel at your feet and say, “Hey, I know I kind of suck but maybe you could give me a chance anyway?”

But I can’t because I am not just one of THOSE people; no, I belong to the very worst subset of this hated population. Not only do I obsess over indie bands, grassroots movements, and obscure cultural references, but I am nearly incapable of appreciating anything…

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