Unlost in Translation

1. Getting up, ideally a few minutes before my alarm, and feeling energized and ready to start the day.

2. Doing some yoga poses in the morning

3. Eating healthy foods out of habit, for the enjoyment of healthy things, and feeling nourished and satisfied by them.

4. No longer craving foods laden with toxins

5. Feeling at peace, taking time out to relax and meditate

6. Being able to go through life calmly, bringing a sense of composure to each situation

7. Not feeling a sense of dread when I zip my jeans; Knowing that my body is healthy, capable, and beautifully vital

8. Being able to run a 5k on the fly because I’m good enough shape that it’s no sweat

9. Enjoying shopping for clothes because I know the body I have is the one I want to keep

10. Surrounding myself with great people who inspire…

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