I want a life full of moments: big ones, little ones, simple ones, extravagant ones…. I don’t really care, I’m not picky. I just don’t want a single one of those moments to go by wasted, without me taking full advantage of them, without me living them to the fullest, without me making sure what it feels like to be right there in that moment, the only one like no other….
I want a life of simple pleasures. I want a love with no drama. I want coffee in the mornings and a glass of good wine in the evenings. I want to sit on the couch and read a book or watch something funny on tv — something like what Chelsea Handler or Mindy Kaling would pull. Something just really, seriously funny. I’m so tired of crying. I am so tired of feeling sad all the time. I am so tired of being stressed out and taking myself seriously. I just want to laugh.
I want best friends. I want music. I want kissing. I want cooking and dancing and playing the Wii. I want to go bowling and roller skating and ice skating for the first time in my life. I want to get drunk as hell and do something stupid — like take all my clothes off and jump in the swimming pool.


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