40 Dark And Haunting Quotes About Mental Illness

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For eight years I was an inmate in a state asylum for the insane. During those years I passed through such unbearable terror that I deteriorated into a wild, frightened creature intent only on survival. And I survived. I was raped by orderlies, gnawed on by rats and poisoned by tainted food. I was chained in padded cells, strapped into strait-jackets and half-drowned in ice baths. And I survived. The asylum itself was a steel trap, and I was not released from its jaws alive and victorious. I crawled out mutilated, whimpering and terribly alone. But I did survive.
—Frances Farmer


A nightmare has taken hold of my body. Lunacy has dug its way inside my mind.
—Amanda Steele


The scariest thing of all is never knowing what you’re suddenly going to believe.
—Neal Shusterman


It is in my head! That’s why it’s…

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16 Little Things A ‘Keeper’ Does Without Being Asked

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NickBulanovv NickBulanovv

1. They pick you up from the airport. Depending on your job and where you’re at in life travel can be a rare treasure or a common annoyance. But it never gets so old that it’s not without the little thrill of landing and realizing your home again. You get to hug your loved one and sleep in your own bed. If you’re in a city where you have cars, it’s expected that they offer to pick you up. Who doesn’t want to come home after a long flight to the place they know they are so cared for they don’t even have to ask to be picked up?

2. They plan your birthday. One of the major perks of being in a relationship is having someone to celebrate life milestones with — like getting a year older. Your loved one should take the initiative to make sure something…

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10 Promises Writers Should Make To Themselves To Hang Onto Their Dignity

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1. I will use social media wisely. If I have work to share, I will share it. But I will never blog/tweet/Facebook about how hard writing is or how many words I wrote today. Nobody cares! And every time I get caught humblebragging (“I am overwhelmed by all the talent here at Yaddo!”), I will donate $10 to PEN.

2. I will not be a dick. Given the following conditions, I will always help other writers: (a) the other writer is deserving of help, that is, not a dick and talented; (b) the request is reasonable; and (c) the request does not greatly infringe upon my own time.

3. I will not surrender my autonomy to gatekeepers. I will not wait around for some magic agent or editor to magically make my career magical, especially when I can be writing, submitting and networking for myself. Nor will…

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21 Things That Happen When You Are Truly In Love With Someone

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1. You feel like it will take a lifetime to get to know them.

2. You fight. But you fight because you care. And understand your struggles make the relationship stronger in the long run, that nothing worth doing is easy.

3. You can picture them at 40, 50, 70, 90, and even 100 and what you see in your head still makes you smile with delight.

4. You love their flaws. Discovering a new quirk in them is like discovering a vast new universe.

5. Your sex is dirty. Your sex is passionate. Your sex is boring. Your sex is spiritual. Your sex is beyond dirty. Your sex is so fun. Your sex is silly. Essentially, you have an incredibly versatile sex life that is hard to define because you’re always switching it up and finding new ways to please each other.

6. You’re just as…

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22 Things I Almost Missed Out On Because They Were “Too Mainstream”

Sounds like some things I need to check out. . .

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Okay world, it’s time to come clean: I am one of those people. You know the kind. The obnoxious, reprehensible, “I knew ____ before it was cool” kind. I wish I could explain my behavior. I wish I could tell you that it comes from a place of heartbreak, that I was left out of too many games of red rover as a child and thus have a deep-seated fear of fitting-in and a desperate desire to standout. I wish I could grovel at your feet and say, “Hey, I know I kind of suck but maybe you could give me a chance anyway?”

But I can’t because I am not just one of THOSE people; no, I belong to the very worst subset of this hated population. Not only do I obsess over indie bands, grassroots movements, and obscure cultural references, but I am nearly incapable of appreciating anything…

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Unlost in Translation

1. Getting up, ideally a few minutes before my alarm, and feeling energized and ready to start the day.

2. Doing some yoga poses in the morning

3. Eating healthy foods out of habit, for the enjoyment of healthy things, and feeling nourished and satisfied by them.

4. No longer craving foods laden with toxins

5. Feeling at peace, taking time out to relax and meditate

6. Being able to go through life calmly, bringing a sense of composure to each situation

7. Not feeling a sense of dread when I zip my jeans; Knowing that my body is healthy, capable, and beautifully vital

8. Being able to run a 5k on the fly because I’m good enough shape that it’s no sweat

9. Enjoying shopping for clothes because I know the body I have is the one I want to keep

10. Surrounding myself with great people who inspire…

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Elise BialylewMindful in May creator and Fetch ambassador Elise Bialylew

Mindfulness is the new black. It is an effective mental technique, borrowed from the two thousand year old Buddhist contemplative practice and adapted to suit non-religious contexts, including board rooms, corporations, hospitals, schools and sports teams.

It is a practice that supports the capacity to stay focussed on what you are doing as you are doing it, a powerful antidote to the distractible nature of the mind and the information-rich digital world. When practised regularly, it can bring more calm and effectiveness into everyday life, reducing stress and enhancing capacity.

Google has now trained over one thousand of its employees in mindfulness, recognising it’s capacity to improve wellbeing and innovation in the work place.

It is initially practiced through meditation, but can also be applied to daily activities such as eating, walking or working. It is simply the discipline of noticing…

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